"Uncle Neil"  


Neil Fullagar

What I do

I am a nanny, preschool teacher, infant caregiver/teacher, early interventionist, parent educator, and babysitter, all built on what I was before any of those: an uncle.

To expand on that a bit, I recognize that the care and education of young children is not mostly about diapers or bottles, or curriculum, or child development theories, or credentials (however important each of those may be) but is mostly about relationships over time.


I received certificates in Child Care and in Infant & Toddler Care from City College of San Francisco. I held a Master Teacher Child Development Permit (with specialization in care of children with special needs) issued by the State of California. I  am Trustline-registered, and certified in first aid and CPR (and in fact used to teach those courses as well as California Childcare Health & Safety for the Red Cross.) I have managed programs for 185 kids, but prefer singing one to sleep.

My specialties include care of infants and toddlers, care of children with special needs,and working with single-parent, foster, adoptive, blended, and LGBT families.

I am seeking additional (ongoing) hours during the week, and I am available many evenings and some weekend days for short term care, developmental consultations, assistance with incorporating theraputic plans (OT, PT, SLP, other) into daily routines, infant massage instruction, and "Parents Need a Break!" I may be available for overnight care.

 510-593-5990               neil@uncleneil.com


All photos used with knowledge and consent of children's parents and of the respective photographers.