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Katelyn and Jackson with NeilThis is the last section to be added, because it's not my favorite subject. I'd rather talk about kids, or nutrition, or building pre-literacy skills, or vestibular and proprioceptive senses. But we have to talk about it, don't we? I need it, and you don't want to spend what you have unwisely.

My base rate is $18.50/hour for regular on-going care for one child. I would of course expect to be paid more for odd schedules, extremely long working hours, or more children. I work only "on the books."

For occasional care, my rates are $15-20/hour, based on location, number of children, and time of day. For one-time care (which is frankly less satisfying for me as well as being of limited benefit to the child) my rates are $20-25/hour.

Rates for developmental consultations,  and assistance with incorporating theraputic plans (OT, PT, SLP, other) into daily routines, will vary.



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