Neil with great-nephew Jacob in NICU 2006

 "Uncle Neil"


Neil Fullagar

Neil with baby) Molly 2006 




 Neil with great-niece Eden 2008

What parents say: 

Jackson & Katelyn 


"05/31/2008 — I have known Neil for over 5 years. I trusted him to care for my first child when he was 4 months of age. In addition to the important newborn and toddler care that he provided, Neil continued to take an active interest in my son during his preschool years. Simply put, Neil is an extremely patient and caring person. He's very thoughtful in the approach he takes to communicate with them, including discipline when necessary. Both of my children have benefited from Neil's involvement in their lives. I would be happy to provide more information as a reference."
- mother of Jackson and Katelyn

Katelyn - 2008



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