"Uncle Neil"  

 Neil Fullagar 





What Parents Say:

Neil is a teacher, a guide, and a friend - both to children and to parents!  Initially, it was his credentials (education training, CPR certification and training experience, registry with the state as a caregiver) and his broad experience that led us to choose him.  As the weeks and months went on, it was his calm demeanor and his obvious care for the children who are lucky enough to know him that had a tremendous positive impact on our daughter's development and on our development as parents.

Most important is that our daughter reacts with such joy when she sees him. His love of children, and their love of him, has made us realize so many times that we made a wonderful decision in bringing Neil into our lives.  And even as our child takes the big step to join a daycare, we remain committed to ensuring that Neil is a part of her upbringing.  If you are looking for a caregiver, and if you realize that your decision is truly one that impacts your and your child's lives for years to come, we strongly recommend that you meet with Neil."

 - mom and dad of Dani 




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