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Neil Fullagar

What Parents Say:

 “The first [San Francisco Friends] meeting I went to, I went alone without  my son. I wanted to check out the meeting to see if it was the right spiritual community for me, but I also wanted to see if it was the right environment for my 5-year old, as well. I asked some questions of the first day school teacher in the beginning and was satisfied with the answers, I sat through meeting and knew instantly that I would be back. Then, at rise of meeting I saw you come down with an older baby in your arms. He was snuggled up asleep with his face in your beard. I watched you walk around with him--this big man with wild hair and gruff gray beard--holding him with such love, knowing when to give him back to his mom and when to let her take care of herself and the rest of her family. The babies big brother was obviously a child who strolled around the meeting house in your arms and looked slightly jealous. There was such a sincere naturalness to the scene, such a, well, light. I didn't know at the time that I was pregnant, but we were trying, and I thought to myself "I want that man to hold my baby". I would have come back to Meeting again, but this was a significant factor in what drew me back and kept me coming. Thank you.

Love and Light,
Ann Marie”  June 5, 2010 - mother of August (and Duncan)Neil with August at nine months



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