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Neil FullagarKit aloft at FGC Gathering 2006

Top news: As of September 2, 2014 my full-time work with my current "nanny kid" ends as she moves on to half-day preschool five mornings a week. I will be available for a new family in the mornings as I continue with her in the afternoon..

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Joanne holding Josephine, Neil holding Cameron (2000)

Lila was one of my Gathering babies around 2002



I am a nanny, preschool teacher, infant caregiver/teacher, early interventionist, parent educator, and babysitter, all built on what I was before any of those: an uncle.

I received certificates in Child Care and in Infant & Toddler Care from City College of San Francisco. I was granted a Master Teacher Child Development Permit (with specialization in care of children with special needs) by the State of California. I am Trustline-registered, and certified in first aid and CPR (and in fact used to teach those courses as well as California Childcare Health & Safety for the Red Cross.) I have managed programs for 185 kids, but prefer singing one to sleep.

Caitlin and Jackson with NeilI am currently committed full-time, Monday through Friday, but that is changing. I am available many evenings and some weekend days for short term care, developmental consultations, assistance with incorporating theraputic plans (OT, PT, SLP, other) into daily routines,  and "Parents Need a Break!"

510-593-5990               neil@uncleneil.com 


Kiri with NeilFlying Josephine!

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